Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Washington DC

Our mini vacay to Washington DC was a success.  The weather was perfect, neither hot nor humid, I didn't think that was possible for DC.

Many highlights:  meeting up with my childhood friend, Jenn, and her two boys; touring the Air & Space Museum, The Museum on Natural History, the Museum of American History; visiting Georgetown and Sprinkles and Georgetown Cupcakes; meeting up with my high school friend Cara, and her husband; visiting Mount Vernon and endless amounts of walking throughout the National Mall.  (My girls were slightly disappointed to discover that the Mall was not a shopping mall.)

Obligatory stop at the White House.  (Or as near to it as one can get.)  It was kinda sunny.

The littlest Lad in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  Our camera battery died just after taking this picture.

This picture just says it all.  You must click to enlarge in order to fully appreciate it.

On the way out of DC we got lost (or temporarily misplaced, as my father would say) and we were driving through ghetto after ghetto in an attempt to work our way north and east.

I witnessed a shooting.

It was about 4:30PM and we were sitting in the car at a red light.  We were in a ghetto but it didn't seem to be a dangerous area.  There were families on the sidewalk and there was a park on our left.  As we were waiting for the light to turn green, we heard a loud POP! POP! POP! sound, which I instinctively knew was the sound of gunshots.  (My experience with guns is limited to TV and the movies but there was something distinct about that sound that made me snap to attention.) I turned to my left, (I was in the passenger seat) and looked up into the park (there was a tall retaining wall surrounding the park) and I saw a kid, maybe 14 or 15, pointing a gun (it was silver with a square nose) over top of us (many feet above us) and aiming across the street.  It was crazy -- happening so fast, so much to process -- yet almost seemed like slow motion. Then a split second later, he turned and started to run parallel to our car. Just then the light turned green and I said to my husband, "We NEED to GET out of here NOW!!!"  As we started to drive, I was watching people on the street react. Mothers grabbing their kids and yanking them into doorways, a family with a toddler on the dad's shoulders quickly ducked and tried to run at the same time. Further down the block people were craning their necks back towards the shooting trying to see what was going on. 

A day in the life in the inner city, I suppose.  

No thank you, I'll take suburbia any day of the week.


Lilah and Rhys' Mom said...

I Love the pictures! If that final one says it all, then I guess Aisling had a fabulous time! And Olivia is well on her way to being a teenager.

Anonymous said...

We had such a good time with you guys too! Tyler and Callan LOVED the kids. They are all about Aidan and Owen!

And we found the real shopping mall... girls would be so jealous. Although it was not the kind of mall where you and I buy anything... it was WAY too high end. :)