Friday, June 24, 2011

Tyler Arboretum

We spent the morning at the arboretum with friends.  We had a GREAT time, so much fun, (and so hot and humid!)  We packed a picnic lunch and headed home afterwards because our Littlest Lad was worn out after such a busy morning.

The Whole Gang

Lots of cool treehouses for exploring


Cute little gnome home

Inside the gnome home

The Littlest Lad was in motion the whole time and I had to keep pretty close tabs on him.  The older kids ran off to explore so most of the pictures on my camera were of this little guy.  He took off his shoes soon after we arrived and explored barefoot.  (Although I think he is wearing shoes in the pic below.)

Three Billy Goats Gruff Bridge

I wish I could build one of these mushroom trees as a focal point in my yard.
This treehouse was by far the favorite of all the kids.

Last but not least, we stopped by the pond, which was the highlight for our oldest Lad.  He loves nature and science and was very energized by all the pond life.  

(Frog photo taken by one of the kids, not sure which one.)
We're off to Washington DC for a few days, pics to follow.

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