Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Challenge

Life in Langanland has been busy, so many things happening, so little time to blog!

I'm participating in a 12 Weeks of Summer Photo Challenge to try and learn more about my camera and hopefully become a better photographer in the process.  Here are a few pics from Challenge #1.

A Trip to the Park, June 2011.

We saw something really cool on the way to the park:  a raccoon!  Right in the middle of the Boro!  The boys were enthralled and it resulted in a mini science lesson as they noted that it was an herbivore, possibly an omnivore; it was female; it was a female that was nursing baby raccoons.  They just couldn't understand why a nocturnal animal was out foraging for food in daylight.  We learned the answer when we got home and googled some info on raccoons.  Kinda funny how passing a raccoon in a zoo would elicit no conversation but passing one in an urban setting was the highlight of their day.

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