Thursday, April 7, 2011

Patient Update

Green Smoothie:  they're not always green

After the Lass's surgery, when the doctor said she'd have to wear a cast for 10-12 weeks, I decided that she was going to start drinking a green smoothie every day in order to promote bone growth and also to improve her overall health. 

She likes smoothies and will drink them once in a while.  However, she was less than enthusiastic about drinking one every day.  But she has acquiesced and drinks them daily without complaint.  I've been loading her up on kale (one of the most powerful foods on the planet) and spinach, as well as romaine and chard, plus lots and lots of fresh and/or frozen fruit to sweeten the smoothies.

Well guess what?  She her had her two week post-surgery follow-up yesterday (complete with x-ray) and the doctor said she is healing perfectly and can most likely have the cast removed in four weeks!  FOUR WEEKS!!  

I'm going to go drink a green smoothie right now in celebration.

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