Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Boys Are Back In Town

My husband took the older Lads to Ireland during spring break.  They had a fabulous time doing all sorts of things that little boys love:  hiking, fishing, exploring caves, moonbouncing, attending a rugby match, playing with cousins, visiting the beach numerous times, and eating mountains of chocolate, just to name a few!

Tea with Grannie & Grandad

Hiking Up the Mountain

View from the Top

Fishing with Grandad.  They all caught at least one fish and then Grannie made trout for dinner.

Sand in eyes!  One of the hazards of beach play.

Building Sandcastles
Brothers (ages 5 & 7)
The last time we visited Ireland as a family was in 2007.  I have a picture of the girls in the same spot on the same beach.

Sisters  (ages 5 & 7)

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