Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Boys Are Back In Town

My husband took the older Lads to Ireland during spring break.  They had a fabulous time doing all sorts of things that little boys love:  hiking, fishing, exploring caves, moonbouncing, attending a rugby match, playing with cousins, visiting the beach numerous times, and eating mountains of chocolate, just to name a few!

Tea with Grannie & Grandad

Hiking Up the Mountain

View from the Top

Fishing with Grandad.  They all caught at least one fish and then Grannie made trout for dinner.

Sand in eyes!  One of the hazards of beach play.

Building Sandcastles
Brothers (ages 5 & 7)
The last time we visited Ireland as a family was in 2007.  I have a picture of the girls in the same spot on the same beach.

Sisters  (ages 5 & 7)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

Even though it is only 45 degrees today, there are signs of spring at the park.

And if I'm at the park in 45 degree weather on a Saturday morning, it can only mean one thing:  the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  This year was the first year our youngest Lad was able to participate.  He wasn't too sure about what was happening.

When it came time to pick-up eggs, he reluctantly picked-up only three eggs.  But one of those eggs contained a golden coin, lucky little Lad! (As you can tell, he's not impressed in the least.)
This year was the last year for our youngest Lass to participate and believe me, she made the most of it.  She's feasting on chocolate as I type.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Patient Update

Green Smoothie:  they're not always green

After the Lass's surgery, when the doctor said she'd have to wear a cast for 10-12 weeks, I decided that she was going to start drinking a green smoothie every day in order to promote bone growth and also to improve her overall health. 

She likes smoothies and will drink them once in a while.  However, she was less than enthusiastic about drinking one every day.  But she has acquiesced and drinks them daily without complaint.  I've been loading her up on kale (one of the most powerful foods on the planet) and spinach, as well as romaine and chard, plus lots and lots of fresh and/or frozen fruit to sweeten the smoothies.

Well guess what?  She her had her two week post-surgery follow-up yesterday (complete with x-ray) and the doctor said she is healing perfectly and can most likely have the cast removed in four weeks!  FOUR WEEKS!!  

I'm going to go drink a green smoothie right now in celebration.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Taste the Rainbow

The entire first grade at my son's school participated in a "rainbow of snacks".  Each child was assigned a color and had to bring in a fruit or vegetable of that color to share with classmates.  I love  how it turned out!  My Lad said he ate mostly coconut (which surprised me) and something orange but he wasn't sure what it was.  Two thumbs up for a rainbow of flavors!

The Lass's Glasses

Our Younger Lass started wearing glasses during the summer of 2009.  Her vision keeps changing (getting worse) and so she keeps needing a new prescription.  She's had FIVE pairs of glasses in the past 22 months.

First Pair

Second Pair

Third Pair

Fourth Pair

Fifth Pair

Hopefully she'll be able to keep the new pair for a while before needing a new prescription!