Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Some Animals Eat Their Young

Today I discovered the reason why some species eat their own offspring.

Because said offspring do something really stupid, like lose the most valuable object their mother owns that she let them play with out of the kindness of her heart and then they go and "forget" where they left it and now it's gone.

I'm sure this happens in the animal kingdom all the time.  Like a mother lion kills the best hyena out there and leaves her little ones to feast while she walks the perimeter to ensure their safety.  And by the time she gets back to the hyena, the little cubs have eaten their fill and have wandered off and now the carcass is being devoured by a different family of lions and the mother lion is too late to feast and decides she must eat one of her own cubs for compensation.

Kinda like when you let your children borrow your iPod Touch.  NEW iPod Touch.  Given to you by your dear friend who so graciously handed it down to you when she got an iPhone.  Yes, I finally entered the world of iThis and iThat, finally!  And it's pretty great.  Music, maps, grocery lists, plus a ton of kid games!  And more!  All on one little handheld device.  And being the lioness of the family, I let the cubs play with it to keep them entertained during a long lunch at a nice restaurant in Philly.  Because we were meeting up with my cousin from Texas whom I hadn't seen in a decade.  And those cubs left the iPod in the restaurant.

But do they tell me this?  Oh no.  It's not until FIVE DAYS later that I discover that the iPod is missing.  I mean, I knew it wasn't around and I questioned the cubs.  They told me that it got left in the car.  Ok, no problem.  It wasn't until THIS MORNING when I'm driving the cubs to school (because one of the cubs had a Leprechaun Trap that involved a vat of honey and I figured he'd end up covered in honey if I let him take it on the bus) that I had them search the car.  And guess what?  No iPod.

I suppose I can't actually eat them as punishment.  Even the Tiger Mother wouldn't go to that extreme.

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