Friday, March 4, 2011

It's All In A Day's Play

I really wasn't kidding when I said this kid doesn't play with toys.  One of his favorite things to do is to play with our kitchen appliances.

Here he is making coffee for his older brother.

And in this pic he's making a green smoothie for himself.  He played with the blender for over 30 minutes. I thought this was so cute and clever UNTIL I realized that he had gotten into the pantry (because someone, who shall remain nameless, left the door open) and got a hold of my container of flax seeds.  (He watches me put the flax seeds into smoothies so he was just imitating what he sees.)  He dumped the WHOLE container.  Approximately 10 percent of the seeds went into the blender and the rest ended up on the floor.  Despite earnest vacuuming, some of those seeds are STILL stuck between the 100 year old floorboards in my kitchen.

And then, the other day, I came downstairs to discover that he had found his sister's stash of American Girl doll items.  He got out the mini violin and was using his voice to give music to his violin.

Then he went and got her music stand and was started to "play" his violin.

And now, when she practices her viola, he gets out the mini violin and plays along with her.  It's adorable.

Sometimes I feel badly that he doesn't play like most other kids his age.  But he doesn't seem to know the difference.

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Diane said...

The last picture is hilarious! So cute!!