Saturday, January 8, 2011

An Irish Christmas

My husband took the girls to Ireland for the week between Christmas and New Year's.  They had a really great time visiting with family and friends while they were there.  My husband will be headed over again during Spring Break but with the boys (although not the baby) because the boys really want to go fishing with Grandad and April is a much better time for fishing than December.

Cousins:  my nephew (14) and niece (12) from London; my girls; my nieces (5) and (3) from Dublin.

Cosy Cousins:  a sleepover for the girls.

A family hike (with some of my husband's cousins) "out the country" where my husband grew-up, in the western part of Ireland.

A typical Irish day:  cold, gray, wet.

More girl-time for the cousins.

Walking The Prom.  An Irish tradition:  start the new year off by walking the length of the Promenade in Salt Hill.  When you get to the end, you kick the wall.  (I'm not sure why you are supposed to kick the wall.)  After my girls "walked the prom" they called Grannie to come pick them up so that they wouldn't have to walk home.

The Whole Gang.  My apologies to my sister-in-law for posting a pic of her when her eyes were closed.

Slainte!  (That's Gaelic for "Cheers!")

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