Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Closet Revisited

An unintended consequence of the Family Closet:

This LanganLad can finally see all his clothing, now that we are using the Family Closet.  Thus, he has insisted on wearing the above outfit to church.  Every Sunday.  Blue and white striped seersucker pants with a lobster print, short-sleeved button down shirt.

The first day he dressed in this outfit, he wet down his hair and was looking at himself in the mirror, admiring himself for choosing an outfit, getting dressed AND brushing his own hair.  He smiled and said, "I look handsome."

As much as I dislike this outfit, I just could not force him to change after hearing that comment!  So off we went, to church, in DECEMBER, wearing an outfit that is really suited for June.  I figured he'd wear it once and that would be it.

Oh no.  Every.  Week.  Sometimes he gets really creative and wears an orange/white/purple/turquoise striped long-sleeved shirt underneath.  Or he changes it up with some crazy socks.  One Sunday, he had the pants on backwards and the shirt buttoned crooked.  I should have made him change.

But I didn't.  Because we were late.  And because my husband was in Ireland so I was trying to get three squirmy boys out of the house by 8:40AM.  And because I went to the gym early that morning, to burn off some Christmas calories, so I was running late myself.  And then I remembered that I don't even know his Sunday school teacher (my husband drops off the older boys while I drop-off the baby) so I wouldn't really have to be embarrassed by his outfit.  And I figured that it wouldn't really matter in the long run if he went to church in summer clothing -- on backwards -- buttoned crookedly.  He was happy.

As they say, God looks on the heart, not at the clothing.

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