Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Pics

Yes, the camera was in Ireland.  And I'm finally getting to posting the Christmas pics.  Better late than never, I suppose.

This first pic is one of the kids waiting for the ok to run into the playroom to open gifts.  Waiting for what?  For Grampy to come downstairs.

LanganLad2 opening his box of Lucky Charms.  It still makes me giggle to think about how much excitement and anticipation is generated by a $3 box of cereal.

Here's the oldest LanganLass opening her iPod Touch.  She wanted one so very badly.  I knew she'd be looking for a tiny package under the tree so I wrapped it (3x) and then put it in a pair of her sneakers (which are brand new but she doesn't wear them) and THEN I put the sneakers into a Sketchers shoebox and then wrapped the shoebox.
As soon as she entered the room, I saw her surveying her pile for something that looked like an iPod.  And her shoulders slumped when she didn't see one.

The shoebox was probably the third gift she grabbed.  She opened it and rolled her eyes and said, "Sneakers?  Really?"  And then she opened the box and with utter annoyance said, "These are MY shoes!  WHY did you wrap them up?!"  My husband told her to try the shoes on and she said, "Dad.  Come on!  You KNOW they fit me!  WHY do I have to try them on??"  He coaxed her so she grabbed a shoe -- the one without the iPod inside -- and tried it on and said, "See?  It fits."  I told her to try on the other and by this time she was thoroughly annoyed with us.  She grabbed the other shoe and shoved her foot in and then realized there was something inside.  She pulled out the iPod (wrapped), rolling her eyes, still not realizing what was in her hand.  She started to unwrap it.  Complaining all the while about how many times I had wrapped it.  It wasn't until she had unwrapped 2 layers of paper that she realized she might be holding an iPod.  And then she started shrieking and of course we have this all on video to enjoy for years to come.

Here's oldest LanganLad carrying ALL of his gifts at once.  He kept exclaiming, "This is the Best Christmas EVER!!!"

Here are the four oldest children opening a Wii.  Yes, I know we are late to the game, but as I said when I started this post, better late than never.

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