Friday, January 14, 2011

Changing the World One Net at a Time

Silly Boys!

A few months ago I donated to a campaign to provide nets to families in Uganda to help prevent malaria.  More than a million people die each year from malaria and most of them are under age 5.  So I donated 5 nets because I have 5 children and felt that I would want someone to do the same for my children if I were living in an impoverished country.

I just read an update about the nets reaching their destination and it is truly heartwarming.  You can read the letter from the director here (scroll down, the first part is about Vietnam) but in case you want the Cliff Notes version:

  • 600 mosquito nets have been hand-delivered in 4 different villages
  • 3 of those villages (Munyolwe, Kisango and Njagala Bwami) now have nets covering 99% of the people living there
  • We’re already receiving reports from some of the earlier net distributions that malaria cases have dropped significantly
Fast Forward
In a few weeks I should receive GPS coordinates showing me exactly where the 5 nets I donated have been delivered.  I'm so excited to find out where the families are that I'm helping!  I'll keep you posted on the GPS info when I receive it.

PS:  The above pic has nothing to do with this posting but pics make postings more fun and interesting.

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