Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Toys

This little guy rarely plays with baby toys.  He would rather empty the pantry, stack measuring cups or peel the garlic in the garlic saver.

Yesterday he pulled out the mini muffin pans and then went over to the pantry and was motioning for me to open the door.  Turns out he wanted paper liners for the pans.  He had watched his sisters making cupcakes a few days earlier (yes, a lot of baking goes on around here) and I guess he wanted to try it out for himself.
However, his curiosity turned to despair when he realized that he didn't have any batter to put into the pans.

When he throws a fit he looks just like his oldest sister did when she was his age.  It's a nice trip down memory lane to see him this way because it serves as a reminder that despite her toddler tantrums, my daughter has turned into a delightful girl.  So I know there is hope for this crying kid.

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