Thursday, July 28, 2011

The SOLD Project

The Langans are featured on the SOLD Blog this month, check it out!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Other Blog


     Its the guess blogger!! So I am taking over the other blog: So I am just going to post random pictures each day!! So go and check it out!!

                                The guess blogger!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp Langan

Green Smoothie Popsicles*

We were away in Washington DC at the beginning of the week so I didn't get to post about what would be happening at Camp Langan.  So instead, I am going to post a weekly wrap-up of the goings-on here and I'll also post what will be happening next week at Camp Langan.

Week of June 27
Washington DC
Sleepovers x2
Pool Party
Pediatrician (annual exams)
Trip to the Library
Fishing with Friends
Golf (my husband)
Fishing with Dad (my older boys, my husband)

Week of July 4
Annual July 4th Block Party
Watching ET under the stars
Swing Summer
Annual Bike Race

As you can see, we are keeping busy!

*Unbeknownst to my children, I've designated this season as The Summer of the Green Smoothie.  I've been making a green smoothie each day (well almost every day) for the kids to either drink or freeze for later to eat as a popsicle.  I bought cheapo freezer pop containers at the grocery store that did not work at all.  So I decided that if I was going to have success at getting them to eat/drink a smoothie each day, I needed to bite the bullet and buy the Tupperware freeze pop containers.  I have to say that they are FAB. U. LOUS.  They clip to each other so that you don't need a tray to hold them in place in the freezer.  They have a handle that stays in the popsicle (unlike the ones from the grocery store, the handle would slide right out which meant that the smoothie pop would plop onto the floor).  The lid easily slips off the pop and then attaches to the handle to catch the drips.  I love these!

**My husband and I will be headed to Atlantis for a few nights without kids.  (So excited!)  My sister has graciously offered to come to Langanland to take care of all the Lads & Lasses & Emma.  She'll have her hands full because she'll be bringing her two kids, plus her two dogs.  So it will be a full house and I feel tremendously guilty for leaving her alone with seven kids and three dogs.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Washington DC

Our mini vacay to Washington DC was a success.  The weather was perfect, neither hot nor humid, I didn't think that was possible for DC.

Many highlights:  meeting up with my childhood friend, Jenn, and her two boys; touring the Air & Space Museum, The Museum on Natural History, the Museum of American History; visiting Georgetown and Sprinkles and Georgetown Cupcakes; meeting up with my high school friend Cara, and her husband; visiting Mount Vernon and endless amounts of walking throughout the National Mall.  (My girls were slightly disappointed to discover that the Mall was not a shopping mall.)

Obligatory stop at the White House.  (Or as near to it as one can get.)  It was kinda sunny.

The littlest Lad in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  Our camera battery died just after taking this picture.

This picture just says it all.  You must click to enlarge in order to fully appreciate it.

On the way out of DC we got lost (or temporarily misplaced, as my father would say) and we were driving through ghetto after ghetto in an attempt to work our way north and east.

I witnessed a shooting.

It was about 4:30PM and we were sitting in the car at a red light.  We were in a ghetto but it didn't seem to be a dangerous area.  There were families on the sidewalk and there was a park on our left.  As we were waiting for the light to turn green, we heard a loud POP! POP! POP! sound, which I instinctively knew was the sound of gunshots.  (My experience with guns is limited to TV and the movies but there was something distinct about that sound that made me snap to attention.) I turned to my left, (I was in the passenger seat) and looked up into the park (there was a tall retaining wall surrounding the park) and I saw a kid, maybe 14 or 15, pointing a gun (it was silver with a square nose) over top of us (many feet above us) and aiming across the street.  It was crazy -- happening so fast, so much to process -- yet almost seemed like slow motion. Then a split second later, he turned and started to run parallel to our car. Just then the light turned green and I said to my husband, "We NEED to GET out of here NOW!!!"  As we started to drive, I was watching people on the street react. Mothers grabbing their kids and yanking them into doorways, a family with a toddler on the dad's shoulders quickly ducked and tried to run at the same time. Further down the block people were craning their necks back towards the shooting trying to see what was going on. 

A day in the life in the inner city, I suppose.  

No thank you, I'll take suburbia any day of the week.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tyler Arboretum

We spent the morning at the arboretum with friends.  We had a GREAT time, so much fun, (and so hot and humid!)  We packed a picnic lunch and headed home afterwards because our Littlest Lad was worn out after such a busy morning.

The Whole Gang

Lots of cool treehouses for exploring


Cute little gnome home

Inside the gnome home

The Littlest Lad was in motion the whole time and I had to keep pretty close tabs on him.  The older kids ran off to explore so most of the pictures on my camera were of this little guy.  He took off his shoes soon after we arrived and explored barefoot.  (Although I think he is wearing shoes in the pic below.)

Three Billy Goats Gruff Bridge

I wish I could build one of these mushroom trees as a focal point in my yard.
This treehouse was by far the favorite of all the kids.

Last but not least, we stopped by the pond, which was the highlight for our oldest Lad.  He loves nature and science and was very energized by all the pond life.  

(Frog photo taken by one of the kids, not sure which one.)
We're off to Washington DC for a few days, pics to follow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The boys requested "dorsal fins" today when they got their haircuts.  (Who knew they were dorsal fins?  Is saying fins not enough?  Apparently not.  Because they are definitely dorsal fins.  Or so I'm told.)  Lad#2 looks like a tough guy with the scabs on his face and his spiked hair.

In trying to work on my photography skills, I snapped some action shots last night and am including one of the oldest Lass jumping on the trampoline (no cast!) because it fits with the theme of hair.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Camp Langan

Friday was our first official day of summer vacation and we are off to a great start!  So far we're on schedule (see pic), but it's only Day 2, but still, we're on schedule!

I worked with the kids ahead of time to come up with a workable schedule for our daily summertime routine.  Being the organized person that I am, I wanted to assign time frames to all the activities but the kids were NOT interested in keeping a schedule that tight.  So we compromised . . . and so far, so good.

We have lots of exciting plans this summer after two years of not doing much of anything (due to the Littlest Langan being added to the clan).  But now that he's 2 and completely mobile, we are off and running and we're all pretty excited about it.

A few things happening this week at Camp Langan:
Inverbrook Farm, haircuts, visit with friends, a Philadelphia Union soccer game, a Cub Scout swim party, Tyler Arboretum and Washington DC!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photo Challenge Week #2

This week's photo challenge was to create a photo for Dad for Father's Day.  I opted to capture some photos of Dad on Father's Day instead.

We kicked-off the day by giving Dad his gifts during breakfast.  Note:  this photo is terrible, blurry, but so funny because it captures a moment . . . The moment my husband realizes that his Father's Day gift from the kids is a pair of Batman underpants.  Why?  Because he's the one who goes after all the bats that get into our house.

His other gift is a gift certificate to Zipline New York, the longest zipline in North America.

My husband spent the afternoon putting together our new patio furniture and had a little help from our Middle Lad, who loves to help his daddy.

We finished the day with a Bobbie that we enjoyed on our new patio furniture.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photo Challenge

Life in Langanland has been busy, so many things happening, so little time to blog!

I'm participating in a 12 Weeks of Summer Photo Challenge to try and learn more about my camera and hopefully become a better photographer in the process.  Here are a few pics from Challenge #1.

A Trip to the Park, June 2011.

We saw something really cool on the way to the park:  a raccoon!  Right in the middle of the Boro!  The boys were enthralled and it resulted in a mini science lesson as they noted that it was an herbivore, possibly an omnivore; it was female; it was a female that was nursing baby raccoons.  They just couldn't understand why a nocturnal animal was out foraging for food in daylight.  We learned the answer when we got home and googled some info on raccoons.  Kinda funny how passing a raccoon in a zoo would elicit no conversation but passing one in an urban setting was the highlight of their day.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I took these pictures at the park about 10 days ago in the early morning light.  Our camera was broken so I used an iPod Touch to take the pics.  The park is lovely anytime but especially so first thing in the morning.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Free Lemonade

The oldest Lass and her friend decided to give away lemonade yesterday afternoon to passersby on their way to the park for a festival.

They made over $20 in just under one hour.

Take a look at the photo to see why the two of them garnered so many sympathy donations.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Boys Are Back In Town

My husband took the older Lads to Ireland during spring break.  They had a fabulous time doing all sorts of things that little boys love:  hiking, fishing, exploring caves, moonbouncing, attending a rugby match, playing with cousins, visiting the beach numerous times, and eating mountains of chocolate, just to name a few!

Tea with Grannie & Grandad

Hiking Up the Mountain

View from the Top

Fishing with Grandad.  They all caught at least one fish and then Grannie made trout for dinner.

Sand in eyes!  One of the hazards of beach play.

Building Sandcastles
Brothers (ages 5 & 7)
The last time we visited Ireland as a family was in 2007.  I have a picture of the girls in the same spot on the same beach.

Sisters  (ages 5 & 7)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Signs of Spring

Even though it is only 45 degrees today, there are signs of spring at the park.

And if I'm at the park in 45 degree weather on a Saturday morning, it can only mean one thing:  the annual Easter Egg Hunt.  This year was the first year our youngest Lad was able to participate.  He wasn't too sure about what was happening.

When it came time to pick-up eggs, he reluctantly picked-up only three eggs.  But one of those eggs contained a golden coin, lucky little Lad! (As you can tell, he's not impressed in the least.)
This year was the last year for our youngest Lass to participate and believe me, she made the most of it.  She's feasting on chocolate as I type.