Monday, October 18, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Has a GPS

I didn't think that any of my kids actually believed in the Tooth Fairy.

We are really bad at keeping up the ruse.  Too many kids, too many teeth, not enough cash, too much cash (as in the only money around is a $20 and no way are we giving a kid $20 for one tooth!)  Not to mention that we are extremely forgetful.  Many, many times we have forgotten to leave money under a pillow.  And then there's the time that we BOTH left cash, thinking the other hadn't -- jackpot!  So when a kid loses a tooth in Langanland, we usually just fork over the cash on the spot.

But the other day my 5 year old son lost his first tooth and he was SO EXCITED and so sure that the Tooth Fairy was going to pay him a visit.  He lost the tooth around 6pm and then headed out around 7pm for a sleepover.  As he was leaving, I asked him what he did with his tooth and he assured me that he put it in his backpack.  I said, "I'm not sure the Tooth Fairy goes to the Jacksons' house."  To which his friend replied, "Oh yes she does!  She ALWAYS comes to my house and leaves me two dollars!"

Ok then.

When my husband got home, I sent him over to the Jacksons with $2 to give to Mr. Jackson, who had no choice but to play the part of the Tooth Fairy.  When my husband arrived my son was thrilled to show his dad the gap in his mouth.  My husband asked him how the Tooth Fairy would know that he was at the Jacksons' house.  My son told him that the Tooth Fairy has a computer and she also has email.  She checks email each night before going to work.  Her email will tell her who has a lost a tooth and where to find the kid, because the kid might not be at home.  You know, he might be at a sleepover, or on vacation, or something like that.

I'm happy to report that Mr. Jackson is a much better Tooth Fairy than either my husband or myself!


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! So it finally fell out--he was telling me all about it the other week.--mand

Elizabeth said...

What a funny post! I can really relate to your story and I bet my son's tooth fairy has GPS too! One time, we went to some libertyville dentists and let the in-charge dentist pull his teeth. After that, he found 10 bucks in his bag and told me that that tooth fairy gave it to him. Amazing how his tooth fairy found him in the dental office!

Anonymous said...

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