Friday, October 8, 2010

Favorite Friday: Week 4

When I asked my 7 year old what he would like for his Favorite Friday dinner, he replied, "Stuffing."

To which I replied, "And . . . .?"

And then he said, "From a box.  That's all.  Just stuffing.  From a box.  NOT the kind you make for Thanksgiving, that kind is yucky.  Hey!  This year for Thanksgiving can you make stuffing from a box?  Cause the kind in the box is way better than the kind that you make."

I told him that I could not, would not, make stuffing from a box for Thanksgiving.  And then he started moaning that he never gets to eat what he likes.  I pointed out that he gets stuffing from a box all year long but on special occasions (Thanksgiving, Christmas), we are going to have homemade stuffing.

In an effort to feed the other 6 people in the house who enjoy stuffing, yet don't want it as an entree, I am also roasting a turkey breast, steaming green beans from the farm and mashing potatoes (also from the farm).

Tonight's dinner is sort of a warm-up for Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Yum!!! And you get your special sandwich tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

last few days our group held a similar discussion about this subject and you illustrate something we haven't covered yet, thanks.

- Laura