Saturday, September 4, 2010

Talkin' Turkey

I roasted a turkey today so that we could make a Bobbie.

What is a Bobbie you ask?

It's a sandwich that is sold at a local deli.  It is basically Thanksgiving dinner on a roll.  Roasted turkey (NOT lunchmeat!), cranberry sauce and stuffing.  The deli puts mayo on theirs but we put homemade gravy on ours in place of the mayo and I think it tastes even better that way.

Back to the story.  I roasted the turkey and saved the wishbone at the request of my boys (ages 5 & 7).  They were SO very excited to pull it apart.  After much struggle -- (and I do mean MUCH struggle!  One ended up with a cut on his face and they both ended up using hand towels to hold on tight to the wishbone so that they could get the leverage to pull it apart) -- they pulled it apart and declared a winner.

And so begins my story.

I overheard them talking about what to wish for.  My older son asked his brother what he would wish for and he said, "I think I'm gonna wish for all the Legos in the world."  My older son said that it would be great to get all the Legos in the world but cautioned that it might not work out that way.  He thought they would have a better chance at having the wish come true if they asked for something smaller.  So they continued to discuss an appropriate wish and they finally settled on some sort of Turbo Something Or Other.

And then later I heard them speculating that the Turbo Something Or Other would probably be waiting for them in the family room tomorrow morning.  I had to jump into the conversation at that point and say that the Turbo Thingy mostly likely would NOT be waiting for them in the morning.  I explained that the idea of making a wish on a wishbone was Make Believe.  My older son with all his worldy wisdom said, "Oh mom.  You don't know for sure.  Sometimes things like this work out and we just don't know why."

Well, actually, yes I DO know why things like this sometimes work out.

So then at dinner, they announced their wish to the whole family.   They were really quite sure that their wish was going to come true.  I asked how they thought the Turbo Thingy would get into the family room overnight.

Hmmm.  That stumped them.

Finally my older son said that he thought Santa might bring it.

My girls, being much older and wiser chimed in with, "Don't you know that it is September and Santa does NOT work in September?!"  And my other daughter said, "Well, you probably COULD have Santa work to get your wish to come true but if he brought you the Turbo Thingy, he would probably have to take ALL your other Legos as payment."

To which my son replied, "No way.  Santa wouldn't do that!  I think he would want us to have all our Legos AND the Turbo Thingy too."

Well then, it's settled.  Santa is bringing a Turbo Something Or Other to our house tonight.

Or not.

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Kelly said...

Did they get a turbo thing? I got a turkey breast/stuffing etc..and made a bobbie 'cause of you..and it was great!