Sunday, September 12, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another

It all started here:

And ended there:

It all started last weekend.  My husband decided to strip wallpaper off of my oldest daughter's bedroom walls.  (Back story:  She moved up to her own room on the 3rd floor in the spring.  We bought her a new rug, curtains, duvet but put stripping the "old lady wallpaper" -- as she calls it -- had to wait until cooler weather.)  Since we had lovely cool weather last weekend, coupled with a 3 day weekend, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to start stripping.

But one thing leads to another.

Once he stripped the wallpaper, he decided that he just had to strip the woodwork too.  Four windows, two doors and baseboards.

And then he started thinking . . . the "bump out" in her bedroom is not insulated.  Sooo, while the walls are bare, it makes sense to cut holes in the plaster and insulate the bump out, doesn't it?

Sounds fairly simple.  But it wasn't.  

Between renting the machine, rigging it to reach from the ground to the 3rd floor, keeping it filled with insulation (recycled newspapers), figuring out how to keep it from clogging, dealing with plaster dust, newspaper dust, getting a tarp to place of the insulation when it started raining . . . etc., well, I think you get the point.  It was a LOT of work.  (Most of which was completed by my handy hubby with a little help from me and quite a bit of help from the kids.)

After the room was insulated, my husband started thinking that he had rented the machine for 24 hours.  Why let it sit idle for the next 18 hours?  He decided he should get his money's worth and insulate the bump out in the baby's room, which is directly beneath my daughter's room.  And then he decided to make a day of it and insulate our family room, which is beneath the nursery.

So now I have newspaper and plaster dust in every corner of the house.  Plus around 100 +/- holes in the walls that will get plugged next weekend.  And THEN we get to prime and paint over the plugged holes (which means repainting all three rooms!)

I am still asking myself how stripping wallpaper in ONE room turned into a project that is going to last for 3 months.

A pic of all the furniture pushed to one side of the family room.  It's pretty much a construction zone.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I think he went and beat his previous records. Feel sorry for you.