Friday, September 10, 2010

Favorite Friday

We're starting something new in our house.  It's called Favorite Friday.

Each Friday, one kid gets to choose his/her favorite meal and I will prepare it for dinner.

Because no matter what I make, someone likes it but someone else is sure to dislike it.  Honestly, rarely do I prepare a meal that gets "two thumbs up" from every kid.  So now that we are starting Favorite Friday, each kid will be sure to have his/her favorite meal at least once in a while.

And when everyone has had a turn, we'll switch it up and have Favorite Friday:  Desserts!

In the meantime, tonight we're having grilled chicken & pineapple kebobs.


Kelly said...

That is a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

We have free Friday... it means mom is too tired to cook after work on Fridays so they are free to make themselves anything they want. :)