Thursday, September 30, 2010

Favorite Friday, Week 3

We didn't celebrate Favorite Friday last week due to an ice cream social in the early evening (so we had appetizers for dinner instead.)  But we are back on track this week with my oldest choosing the meal for Favorite Friday.  She has requested Paprikas.  Mmmmm.  That's one of my faves too.  Our former au pair, Aniko, started making it for us back in 2002 and it has become a staple in our household.  It's a Hungarian meal that consists of chicken with paprika (hence the name PAPRIKAs) that is stewed in a broth-like, stew-like, gravy-like sauce.  The paprikas is then ladled over Aniko's mashed potatoes:  potatoes mashed with milk, sour cream, butter and salt.



aniko said...

hahaha,,funny she stil remembers Paprikas:) Good old times,,miss u guys:)

Anonymous said...

love you Friday make such yummy food!-