Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here's the Scoop

My neighbor organized a Back To School Ice Cream Party for the neighborhood kids.  We partied hard in the alley immediately after they got off the bus.  The event was a HUGE hit and I think it will become an annual tradition.

My other neighbor brought this cool, retro Tupperware caddy to house all the toppings for the sundaes.  Guess who was on ebay today trying to get the same one for her own ice cream lovers?  (Who am I kidding?  I love ice cream as much as my kids do!)

All in all, the first day of school was a success.  I asked each kid, "What was your favorite part of the day?" and "What surprised you most?"  Answers below.

6th Grader
Favorite:  Lockers.  (Apparently she's at the age where she gives one-word answers.)
Most Surprising:  That we had an assembly during last period.

4th Grader
Favorite:  Lunch!  (That's because she made whoopie pies the day before and took one to school to eat for dessert.)
Most Surprising:  That we had recess BEFORE lunch.  (Recess before lunch is new this year; previously it was held after lunch.)

1st Grader
Favorite:  The cafeteria!  (This is funny to me because he packs his lunch.  I guess just being in the cafeteria is exciting?)
Most Surprising:  That people in my class speak Espanola!

Favorite:  The Lego table!
Most Surprising:  That we got to write on a piece of paper that was shaped like a bus.

Here's to 179 more days just like the first!

Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day Photos

Today is the first day of school.  Lots of milestones this year!

My oldest started middle school today.  I think I was more nervous than she was!

My younger daughter is entering 4th grade and my oldest son is starting1st grade.  This will be his first year of being at school all day.  He is most excited to eat in the cafeteria and to have his own desk.

My middle son is officially a kindergartener now.  He is "a widdle bit novus"  (a little bit nervous) about riding the bus and making friends.  He's off to a good start though, our next door neighbor is also starting kindergarten right along with my son.

You may be wondering why the kindergarten photo was taken in the front of the house while the other photos were taken in the back?  My son has afternoon kindergarten so we have to catch the bus in the front, thus we took the photo in the front.  And we proceeded to meander to the bus stop.  Except that the bus came early!  And had a different number than it was supposed to!  So there was no time for photos or tears, we ran to the bus, they got on, the door closed and we waved goodbye.

Here's to a great school year!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bad Blogger

I've been terribly lazy at posting to the blog.  I love the slower pace of summer; the lack of a schedule or routine.  I guess I've taken it to an extreme and have completely ignored the blog.  I

I promise to do a better job with blog postings, starting Monday, on the first day of school.

In the meantime, here's a pic, because a posting is always more interesting when it includes a photo.

Baby's first ice cream cone, Kennywood, August 2010.