Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

So much to post so I'm going to start with July 4th photos and work backwards through our recent pics.

We celebrated the 4th with our neighbors at our annual block party.  The kids had as much fun -- or maybe even more fun -- than the adults.  They organized their own parade:

Our neighbor offered to do face painting for the kids

and grown-ups too!

As my boys like to say, "Boys rule the alley!"  It's true! 

There are 25 kids who live along (one block) of the alley.  19 of them are boys!

And of course it was about 95 degrees, which feels nice compared to consecutive 100 degree days forecast for this week.  (Hear me now.  I am NOT complaining.  I much prefer the heat to 3 feet of snow!)

And a special 4th of July shout-out to my brother in Afghanistan.  Happy 4th Dan!

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