Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1: Random Ramblings

Totally random posting.  Just thought I'd let you know what is happening with us on a random day during summer vacation.

I needed an onion to make dinner.  I went next door to see if my neighbor's had one that we could borrow.  Or keep.  Whatever.  (They were at work.  I have a key.  I let myself in.  No onion.)  So I sent my younger daughter to another neighbor's house to get an onion.  She comes back with a can of OLIVES.  Which just proves that she does NOT listen to me!  (Note:  I HATE olives and have NEVER made a recipe calling for them.  Further proof that she does not listen.)  For a minute, I thought maybe I wasn't clear in wanting an onion but then my oldest said, "What are you doing with olives?  Mom wanted an onion."  All of our other neighbors were at work or at the pool (sadly, I do not have keys to every home in the neighborhood) so I had to trek (ok, actually I drove) all 5 kids to the grocery store to get onions.  And spent $112.89.


Katie said...

Hi! I miss you SO much guest blogger... It is only 21 days(3 weeks
until we come visit u!!!! Yay!!!! :) I miss you!!!!!!!!

rachel said...

yeah 19 now GB