Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My husband took the kids camping for a couple of nights last week when the weather was warm (not hot).  The boys have been asking for weeks for my husband to take them camping and fishing and finally, they got their wish!

Fishing was the main attraction.  My 7 year old LOVES to fish (he's like his grandad in that way because my father-in-law loves to fish while my husband is not at all interested).

He caught his first fish!  As he says, "I'm a real fisherman now because the last time I fished, I didn't catch anything!"

They camped at a local campground, which has lots of amenities and nice views too.

The nice thing about camping so close to home is that it's no problem to go pick-up a camper (oldest daughter) who decides that she MUST go home after one night because she misses her baby brother SO VERY MUCH.  And who can blame her?  He's pretty cute!

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