Thursday, July 8, 2010


Images courtesy of Guest Blogger

My husband took some of the kids to the Phillies the other night.  It was hot, hot, hot.  The temp reached 104 that day so by the time the game started, it was probably still 97 degrees at the ballpark.  Fortunately, they had seats in the shade.  But they were still melting.  The kids had no energy or stamina and wanted to go home so they left after the second inning.  However, the kids got free baseball bats so at least they have something to show for all their sweating!

I've never been to the park (baseball is not my game) so I can't really narrate the pictures below but I thought I'd include them so you can get an idea of what the park looks like.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My husband took the kids camping for a couple of nights last week when the weather was warm (not hot).  The boys have been asking for weeks for my husband to take them camping and fishing and finally, they got their wish!

Fishing was the main attraction.  My 7 year old LOVES to fish (he's like his grandad in that way because my father-in-law loves to fish while my husband is not at all interested).

He caught his first fish!  As he says, "I'm a real fisherman now because the last time I fished, I didn't catch anything!"

They camped at a local campground, which has lots of amenities and nice views too.

The nice thing about camping so close to home is that it's no problem to go pick-up a camper (oldest daughter) who decides that she MUST go home after one night because she misses her baby brother SO VERY MUCH.  And who can blame her?  He's pretty cute!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Christmas in July

As part of her Christmas present, we arranged for our oldest daughter to have sewing and cake decorating lessons.  Not only is she interested in these activities but I have friends who were willing to give her lessons because they too enjoy these activities.

Her sewing lessons took place during the winter months.  She made a pillowcase, pajama pants and then ended by sewing this bag.  She really enjoyed her lessons and she uses her bag almost daily.

Her cake decorating lesson took place this weekend.  My friend baked a mini wedding cake and then taught my daughter how to decorate it using fondant, tips, buttercream frosting, etc.  My daughter was really pleased with her lesson and said she felt like she was on Cake Boss because she learned so much.  Now that the cake is home, we've all enjoyed eating her creation!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th

So much to post so I'm going to start with July 4th photos and work backwards through our recent pics.

We celebrated the 4th with our neighbors at our annual block party.  The kids had as much fun -- or maybe even more fun -- than the adults.  They organized their own parade:

Our neighbor offered to do face painting for the kids

and grown-ups too!

As my boys like to say, "Boys rule the alley!"  It's true! 

There are 25 kids who live along (one block) of the alley.  19 of them are boys!

And of course it was about 95 degrees, which feels nice compared to consecutive 100 degree days forecast for this week.  (Hear me now.  I am NOT complaining.  I much prefer the heat to 3 feet of snow!)

And a special 4th of July shout-out to my brother in Afghanistan.  Happy 4th Dan!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1: Random Ramblings

Totally random posting.  Just thought I'd let you know what is happening with us on a random day during summer vacation.

I needed an onion to make dinner.  I went next door to see if my neighbor's had one that we could borrow.  Or keep.  Whatever.  (They were at work.  I have a key.  I let myself in.  No onion.)  So I sent my younger daughter to another neighbor's house to get an onion.  She comes back with a can of OLIVES.  Which just proves that she does NOT listen to me!  (Note:  I HATE olives and have NEVER made a recipe calling for them.  Further proof that she does not listen.)  For a minute, I thought maybe I wasn't clear in wanting an onion but then my oldest said, "What are you doing with olives?  Mom wanted an onion."  All of our other neighbors were at work or at the pool (sadly, I do not have keys to every home in the neighborhood) so I had to trek (ok, actually I drove) all 5 kids to the grocery store to get onions.  And spent $112.89.