Monday, June 14, 2010

More Disney

Finally getting around to posting some pics from our trip.

We started out the trip by visiting Disney Hollywood Studios for their Star Wars Weekend.  There were Clone Troopers on the roof as we were entering the park.  Although the boys love Star Wars, they were a little bit intimidated by this real, life-sized Clone Trooper.

My 6 year old Clone Trooper.

A pic of me with my sister. 

And one of my oldest daughter with my nephew.  The cousins had a GREAT time together!

My 5 year old had some spending money saved for the trip and he desperately wanted this lollipop.

My girls.

The typical Disney pic of the fam in front of the castle.

At one point, while we were at Blizzard Beach, I was on baby duty.  I captured these photos as the cousins enjoyed some baby talk.


And finally, no trip to Disney would be complete without a photo op with Mickey!  (Of course we had to wait in line for nearly an hour just to see him.  It kinda made me miss the good 'ole days where you could just walk up to a character and pose for a picture without having to wait an eternity.)

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Katie said...

It looks like you had a fun time! I Miss you Guest Blogger!!!!!