Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I know, I know, you are probably getting tired of reading about our bat situation.  I know I am getting tired of it myself.

How's this for irony?  We had the Bat Guy here yesterday to check our exclusion (the technical term for preventing bats from entering a structure).  He said we were "tight".  Exclusion held.  No bats.  Paid him $200 and he was on his way.  (I should note that he is a very nice person and I really do like him and don't think he is ripping us off.  You see, our house is connected to our neighbor's house and we share a common attic.  Sometimes the bats enter from his side and then travel over to our side of the house.  He refuses to take action on this.  I've even had the health department here because of the bats.  I have considered moving.  Anyway, I'm way off topic here.  As I was saying, the Bat Guy gave us the "all clear".)

But then, last night, a bat!

I actually thought my husband was joking when he told me to go into the mudroom so that he could locate the bat.  It didn't take him long; the bat whizzed past him in the upstairs bathroom and he whacked it with a badminton raquet (left here by the previous owner, hangs on the wall, taken down only to hunt for bats) and splayed it's guts on the bathroom floor. 

No, I did not see this for myself.  My boys came running downstairs to tell me about the guts on the floor and they were excited to report that the "bat is a boy because he has a penis!"

Wow.  I never want to see another bat and I surely do not want to see a bat's penis.  Ever.

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