Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Birthday

Yesterday started our marathon of birthday celebrations.  All five kids have birthdays within the next five weeks.  (That's a lotta cake!)  We kicked off the celebrations with a s'mores cake.

My first attempt at this cake failed miserably.  I needed parchment paper and thought I had some but didn't so I tried it without.  Big Mistake.  The cake was completely stuck to the pan.  To make matters worse, the cake was completely flat.  When making the batter, I had noticed that the baking powder was really lumpy and wondered if that had anything to do with the cake disaster.  So I checked the expiration date and it said Best if used by July 2005.  (Yep, that probably had something to do with it!)  So after purchasing parchment paper and baking powder, my second attempt was a success.  Recipe here in case you're curious about what goes into a s'mores cake.

Stay tuned for more birthdays, cakes and pics!  The baby turns one on Saturday!

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Diane said...

That cake looks realllly good!