Monday, April 26, 2010

Park Pics

Disclaimer: these are the only decent pics from my trip to the park.

I was really looking forward to heading down to the park to take some pics with my new camera. Spring was in full swing and I just knew I was going to get some fantastic photos.


I was clicking away and headed home to download and pat myself on the back for a job well-done.

Ugh. The pictures (for the most part) were TERRIBLE! I did a better job with my P&S camera.

Maybe I am just a terrible photographer? It's possible. Or maybe there is some other reason?

Yes, let's go with "some other reason".

So here's my thinking.

I wear glasses for distance. But at some point during my last pregnancy, I felt like I needed a stronger prescription. But they (you know, the Experts who are always referred to as "they") say that your vision changes temporarily during pregnancy and lactation and thus you should NOT get a new prescription during this time.

So I started to regard my glasses with contempt as they were not helping me one bit.

And then, somehow, my glasses got stepped on and crushed. And . . . well . . . I haven't worn them since.

Fast forward 15 or so months.

I'm almost 40. (When I say almost, I mean I am days away from the big event.) I've been noticing lately (mostly during my hideous bout with an abscessed tooth) that it is difficult to read fine print (such as the kind on the Motrin or Aleve bottles). I've been noticing that I really can't see far away (as evidenced by not recognizing people at the grocery store who I would have recognized had I been wearing my defunct glasses). I've been noticing that I've been getting headaches almost daily.

So when I looked at my pictures from the park, the only logical conclusion was that although I thought the camera was focused, it actually was not. Because what looked good to my eye through the lens clearly did not look good when I downloaded the pictures.

So I'm blaming my whole bad photography experience on the fact that I need glasses. Badly.

I'm actually going to end this post and go call the eye doctor.


suzanneu said...

I really like the top photo though.

Hey, I understand the thing about glasses etc. I went to the eye doc last Friday and found out that I need a stronger prescription but also that I have cataracts and the one on my reading eye is larger than the other one so that is partly why it is so difficult to read anymore. It just is not fun to read now. Everything is blurred. Lately I have been using a BIG magnifying glass to read the small print on medicine bottles and that is in addition to having the contacts in my eyes!

S. Braun said...

Yeah, but the camera should auto-focus, shouldn't it? Maybe it was set on some weird setting??
My eyes aren't getting any better, either. Prescription bottles are really hard to read and the surpermarket ailes are getting a little blurry, too. I figure my eyes are changing (time) and my short distance vision is going (age). BTW, I CAN'T believe you will be 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!