Monday, April 26, 2010

Any Bookmark Buyers???

By: Guest Blogger

Hey-O peeps, I would like to know if you would interested in buying bookmarks? You do NOT have to buy them from me (but if you want to you can). So if you are interested would you like to buy bookmarks from me?????? I am selling them because I am going to make a website if people are intersted in buying 'em.

Here are some pictures of my handmade bookmarks, they will cost 50 cents each.


Melissa said...

Guest Blogger, I would like to buy the money one. I will be at Becca and Phil's tomorrow night. Thanks, Melissa

Elberta said...

Like the first one. Please bring to church on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I will buy one for Liam--just make one you think he'd like (he'll love whatever you make, because it's from you!)


rachel said...

Ok for all of U GB