Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Toes

Is there anything more delightful than baby toes?!

These toesies have been covered up for months now (except for a few warm days last month). I am SO looking forward to warmer weather so that I can take his socks off and enjoy looking at those chubby legs and yummy toes all day long.

In other news, this kid is almost one and is not yet crawling! I can't decide if he is lazy or content. I suppose he does not need to crawl because he has four older siblings who cater to his every whim. They carry him around, push him in his stroller (even in the house), and push him along the hardwood floors to get him from room to room. Why would you ever start to crawl when you can get catered to like a king?

He has, however, started to drag himself around. Finally! Just in the past day or so, he's started to pull himself from one side of the room to the other by dragging one leg behind, while the other leg is tucked under his body. He's pretty slow with this manuever (which is good) but much more content to sit on the floor -- now that he can see something and move himself across the room to get it.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Academic Competition

Ok, so I don't have any pics of the actual event. I'll post a random pic of my lovely daughter instead.

I am writing to tell you about our (ours as in her first time participating and my first time as a parent/spectator) first academic competition. My daughter participated in the Reading Olympics last night. It was really exciting! (Ok, it was really a lot of sitting around and people speaking in hushed tones, but it was exciting for me!)

My daughter signed-up for this back in the fall and there were about 40 books that she could choose to read. Each student had to read at least one book you could choose to read as many as you wanted. We bought some of the books in paperback and even downloaded one to her iPod so that she could listen to it in the car. I was really nervous about her participation because she wasn't really interested in reading the books but seemed to only because I nagged her.

Imagine my surprise last night when she was participating in answering questions about books that I didn't even know she had read!

Each team received a ribbon for participation. Although scores are kept and each round is a win/lose, the emphasis is on fostering a love for reading, not on scores.

She said she'd like to do it again next year so that's a win in my book!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Any Bookmark Buyers???

By: Guest Blogger

Hey-O peeps, I would like to know if you would interested in buying bookmarks? You do NOT have to buy them from me (but if you want to you can). So if you are interested would you like to buy bookmarks from me?????? I am selling them because I am going to make a website if people are intersted in buying 'em.

Here are some pictures of my handmade bookmarks, they will cost 50 cents each.

Park Pics

Disclaimer: these are the only decent pics from my trip to the park.

I was really looking forward to heading down to the park to take some pics with my new camera. Spring was in full swing and I just knew I was going to get some fantastic photos.


I was clicking away and headed home to download and pat myself on the back for a job well-done.

Ugh. The pictures (for the most part) were TERRIBLE! I did a better job with my P&S camera.

Maybe I am just a terrible photographer? It's possible. Or maybe there is some other reason?

Yes, let's go with "some other reason".

So here's my thinking.

I wear glasses for distance. But at some point during my last pregnancy, I felt like I needed a stronger prescription. But they (you know, the Experts who are always referred to as "they") say that your vision changes temporarily during pregnancy and lactation and thus you should NOT get a new prescription during this time.

So I started to regard my glasses with contempt as they were not helping me one bit.

And then, somehow, my glasses got stepped on and crushed. And . . . well . . . I haven't worn them since.

Fast forward 15 or so months.

I'm almost 40. (When I say almost, I mean I am days away from the big event.) I've been noticing lately (mostly during my hideous bout with an abscessed tooth) that it is difficult to read fine print (such as the kind on the Motrin or Aleve bottles). I've been noticing that I really can't see far away (as evidenced by not recognizing people at the grocery store who I would have recognized had I been wearing my defunct glasses). I've been noticing that I've been getting headaches almost daily.

So when I looked at my pictures from the park, the only logical conclusion was that although I thought the camera was focused, it actually was not. Because what looked good to my eye through the lens clearly did not look good when I downloaded the pictures.

So I'm blaming my whole bad photography experience on the fact that I need glasses. Badly.

I'm actually going to end this post and go call the eye doctor.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

None Seatbelts, Mom!

My husband recently took the boys to see How I Became A Pirate at a theater in the city. They had a really great time. My 4 year old said his favorite part was taking a taxi. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey, how was the show?
Son: Good.
Me: What was your favorite part?
Son: Um, the taxi! Mom, did you know that we got to ride in a taxi???!!!
Me: Wow, that sure sounds exciting!
Son: Yeah. And guess what? (He asks me to "guess what" at least 7x per day.)
Me: What?
Son: There was none booster seats in the taxi!
Me: For real! Holy cow! That is CRAZY!!!!
Son: And guess what?
Me: What?
Son: And there was none seatbelts either! None! None booster seats AND none seatbelts!

Next time we can save the money on the tickets and just pay for him to ride around in a taxi cab.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shark Boy

I've been calling my 6 year old by the name of Shark Boy because for about 2 months he has had two rows of teeth on the bottom. We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for his baby teeth to fall out and F-I-N-A-L-L-Y he lost his first tooth the other day.!

The tooth fairy got a little confused and he ended up with around $2.50, instead of the usual $1. Considering that we (husband, self) are really bad about remembering to play the part of the tooth fairy (we usually just hand-over the cash when a kid loses a tooth), I am kind-of in disbelief that we both remembered. What complicated the situation was the fact that my son slept in 2 different beds that night and left his tooth in a 3rd location (in an empty M&M tube next to his bed) so ended up with cash in 3 different locations. Not too shabby!

Monday, April 12, 2010

All Jumped-Out

Someone wore himself out today from jumping on the trampoline.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Candy Man

I love candy. Pretty much any kind, but especially chocolate. I am a candy connoisseur.

My husband is not. (Unless we are talking about Irish chocolate.)

I had purchased some Easter candy for the kids but couldn't seem to get back to the store alone to get the rest so I sent my husband an email at work asking him to buy the remaining items. I sent him a list of what I already purchased and listed the items still needed (chocolate bunnies, Cadbury milk chocolate eggs, M&Ms, etc.) CHOCOLATE. All the items on the list were chocolate.

The night before Easter he pulled out his purchases. Here's what he bought:
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Sour Watermelon Drops
  • Sour Patch Jelly Beans
  • Swedish Fish
  • Mints (they were totally gross -- they looked like marshmallows but had CANADA imprinted on them)
  • Chocolate Bunnies
Um . . . where's the chocolate? The eggs?! The M&Ms?! The Hershey Kisses?! What are these gross looking white things? Don't you think you went overboard on the sour items? This is supposed to be EASTER!

And then I look at the bunnies.

Three out of four of the rabbits were all shrunken and lumpy. Why? Because he bought them on his lunch hour and left them in the car for the rest of day while we were having record-breaking heat. Needless to say, there was a lot of whining the next morning. "What happened to my rabbit?! Why is it melted?! Hey! His rabbit isn't melted, why is mine?! That's not fair!"

And then, "Ew. Sour jelly beans? Where are the Jolly Rancher jelly beans like last year? What are these mint things? And peeps? Don't you remember that no one in this house likes peeps? Why do we get peeps every year if no one likes them?" (My fault, I bought the peeps.)

I will say that the Nerds (my buy) were a hit.

I told my husband that he lost his job and will no longer be on candy detail.

But that didn't last long because it is so much easier for him to stop on his way home from work to pick-up needed items than it is for me to trek to the store with 2-5 kids in tow. So on Tuesday afternoon my daughter sent an email to my husband asking him to pick-up candy for her and her sister to eat during the PSSAs (Pennsylvania State Standardized Assessment tests). The PSSAs started yesterday and will be administered daily during the next 2+ weeks. (I know, overkill for sure but that's education in the 21st Century.) ANYWAY, the kids are allowed to have candy to suck on during the test. So my husband stopped on his way home and bought each girl a bag of Life Savers.

Sugar-free Life Savers.

Have you ever eaten more than your share of sugar-free candy? I personally have not (since I love sugar so much) but I had a diabetic friend in high school who did. And believe me, it's not pretty.

So both girls came home from school yesterday and reported that they were getting sick because they had stomach cramps and had to run to the bathroom 3x yesterday. I assumed they were just nervous from test-taking. But THEN I discovered the almost-empty bags of sugar-free candy and now I know why they had such gastric issues.

What was he thinking?! He knows that sugar-free candy messes with your intestines. He also knows that if you give a kid a whole bag, they are most likely going to eat the whole bag. Especially if they are not allowed to have candy at school except for this one time, just during testing. If they can eat as much as they want during the test then of course they are going to eat it all. (Which is why you should buy them Tic Tacs, not a whole bag of candy.)

My husband is DEFINITELY off candy detail from now on.

The Candy Man he is not.