Friday, March 12, 2010


My 8 year old daughter had her first strings concert today. She started playing the viola in October and seems to enjoy it (and I think she might actually have some musical talent, unlike her parents. I have musical talent on my side of the family, as does my husband. It appears that maybe that gene skipped a generation as neither one of us are musically inclined.)

Having said that, my husband performed at the concert as well. Each student had to choose a parent to "teach" to play their instrument. I was so glad that she chose my husband and not me! All the parents had to go up to the front and play a song (hot crossed buns). The kids definitely sounded better than the parents! Our elementary school has a new principal this year and she got up there and played right alongside the parents.

I was so proud of my daughter because not only did she do well, but she learned the "bonus" song on her own. (The bonus song was not required; students had to teach themselves to play it. Then they had to play it for the teacher in order to get permission to play the bonus song at the concert). She did a great job and I look forward to more orchestra concerts as she progresses.

My daughter is on the stage, the second from the right. It's a terrible picture, but it's the best we could get from where we were seated.

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