Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Signs of Spring

No, I'm not talking about flowers, I'm talking about cuts, scrapes and bruises. The bad news is that my little guy fell down in the alley ("I got my legs tangled") and his forehead broke the fall. The good news is that he spent almost the WHOLE weekend outside playing because the weather was BE-YOO-TI-FUL. Bumps and bruises are par for the course for an energetic little boy.

He was pretty upset when it happened (ouch) and being a little self conscious, he doesn't like explaining it (the forehead) to people. The other night he said, "Mom. Can you say to people, 'Pretend that you can't see his blood streaks?' Cause I don't want to talk about anymore." Easier said than done! I cannot preemptively explain this to each person who sees him, most especially the 18 children in his class.

When I took him to school today, I noticed that a boy in his class has an almost identical mark on his forehead.

Ah, the signs of spring!

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