Sunday, March 14, 2010


(This image has nothing to do with this posting. Just thought it's more interesting to include a pic with the posting.)

Yesterday I headed out to a HUGE consignment sale along with two of my neighbors. We all had babies within a few weeks of each other so we thought it would be fun and cost-effective to hit a big sale together.


First of all, we're being hit with a nor'easter this weekend so we're experiencing a colossal amount of wind and rain. (But hey, at least it's not snow, right?) Frankly, had I not already planned to go with friends, I would have skipped the sale entirely and opted for a jammie day instead.


I have an abscessed tooth. Ouch. Long story, won't go into details here but I've been having problems with this particular tooth for a few weeks and then Friday night (of course, on a weekend!) it became very clear to me that something was very wrong with my tooth. So I made an early-morning call to my dentist, left a call-back number, and headed out to the sale.

When we arrived, there were hundreds of cars already parked and another hundred in front of us waiting for spaces. Again, had I been alone, I would have turned around, headed for the nearest Starbucks and would have enjoyed some quiet time. But we persevered. We found parking; not in a parking lot, but in a field. So we had to trek through wind and rain for what seemed like 5 minutes to get to the building that was housing the sale. (No joke, my face was aching from the wind and rain, not to mention aching from the tooth.) So we get into the sale and split up. It was crazy. Crazy-crowded. Crazy-hectic. I had never been to this sale before so I didn't know the lay of the land so I just wandered around trying to prioritize my shopping needs.

Here is where I need to mention that the sale is run by a Mothers of Multiples club. So there are tons of items available. But most of the great bargains were already gone. You see, if you have twins, triplets, etc., you get into the sale early. If you don't, you have to wait until 9AM. So by the time we got in at 9:05AM, most of the great stuff was gone. Again, if I had been alone, I would have left.

So I spend about 20-30 minutes shopping and then get in line. And wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, about 20 minutes later, someone from the sale comes along and says there is an Express Line for those who have less than 10 items. Me! Yay! I get moved to the Express Line. But guess what? The Express Line has ONE check-out register. The other line has EIGHT. So I wait. And wait. And watch the people who were in front of me in the first line check-out and leave. And I still can't see the front of the Express Line. Really wanting to leave BUT figure that I'm gonna have to wait for my friends so I might as well stay in line. Finally, about an hour later (total wait time, 1.5 hours), I get to the front of the line and pay $22 for my seven items. Good deals? Yes. Worth my while? No.

But wait. It gets so.much.worse.

We head outside into torrents of rain. We start to get nervous as we see that a LOT of cars seem to be stuck in the mud. We are noticing tow trucks pulling cars out of the mud. Uh oh.

Yep, we were stuck. But hey, I'm strong, I go to the gym. I think I can push us out. Ha! I ended up soaking wet and muddy. And as I'm out in the howling wind, trying to push us out, my dentist calls on my cell phone. I could hardly hear what he was saying to me but piece together that he is calling in an antibiotic and pain killer and call the endodontist on Monday. Great, relief.

Back in the car.

Implement Plan B: call Triple A. Done. Wait. And wait. And wait. Because every other person stuck in the mud also called AAA. Did I mention that my friend has her baby along? Yep. And he's tired. And we're cold. And wet.

Under normal circumstances, one would start the car and turn on the heat to keep warm. Except when someone's husband (not mine) neglected to put gas in the car the day before. So we can't even use the heat because then we will be stuck in the mud AND out of gas. So we shiver and chat and try to make the best of it.

Finally, AAA comes BUT the guy tells us that he's going to start at the end of the lane and he'll get to us after he pulls out all the cars that are parked between us and the road. Ok. No problem. Just happy to know that help is here.

At this point, I am really wishing that I had stayed home.

We really didn't have to wait too long, I think he pulled four cars out of the mud before he got to ours. And then we were on our way. First stop? Gas station. Second stop? Pharmacy. Got my meds.

When I got home, I took my meds and got into the shower to warm my chilled self. Then I put on my pajamas.

Then the pain meds kicked in (Tylenol with codeine) and I got completely loopy. Like couldn't-walk-down-the-stairs-without -holding-onto-the-bannister. Loved the pain relief, did not love the dopey feeling. And then, all of a sudden, it hits me:

I probably should not be taking this medicine because I am nursing. If it makes me feel this out-of-it, what will it do to the baby? So I start googling and discover that indeed, I should not be taking this medicine if nursing. I'm not sure why this did not occur to me earlier? Too much pain was clouding my judgement? Being stuck in the rain and mud was distracting me when talking to the dentist? And at this point, my mind is so fuzzy that I'm not even sure I am thinking clearly. So I called my sister (who is also nursing) for her advice. But she wasn't home so I left a message.

And then I went back to trying to figure out what to do. I decided that I would not take any more pain meds and would wait 24 hours for the meds to leave my system and then I would resume nursing. But when the pain meds started to wear off, it became clear to me that I was going to have to figure out something else, anything else, because my mouth hurts.

And then the phone rings and it's my sister. And she laughs and says, "Oh my gosh, your message was so funny, you sounded like you were drugged!" So I tell her that I was (still am!) drugged! Thankfully, she helped me come up with a plan. It's not a grand plan but so far it seems to be working. I'm continuing with the pain meds, taking a half dose only. (Half dose takes the edge off of the pain without making me feel like I'm going to fall over.) I'm giving the baby a bottle for now and will pump as needed (1-2x per day) and hopefully we can resume nursing when I'm no longer on pain meds.

And right now you are probably saying to yourself, "She is rambling on so much, she must still be on the pain meds."

Yes, yes, I am.


S. Braun said...

oh man, how funny. One of these most awful days you'll never forget!!

S. Braun said...

oh man, how funny. One of these most awful days you'll never forget!!