Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crazy Hair

Bed Head

I walked into Sally's Beauty Supply last night and the woman working behind the counter looked at me and asked, "Crazy hair?"

I was thinking, does my hair really look THAT bad?

She repeated herself, "Crazy hair?"

I was trying to figure out how to respond when she said, "Are you here to get supplies for Crazy Hair Day?"

Oh, right. Tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day at school., "Um nope, I'm not here for that although I would be a hero if I walked into the house with green hair spray."

Of course they were out of green hair spray, what with the next day being Crazy Hair Day AND St. Patrick's Day all rolled into one.

My girls had crazy hair-dos planned.


No one went to school today.

Strep in the house.


The first case appeared three weeks ago. The next kid got it two weeks ago. Then yesterday, yet another kid seemed to have contracted it. So I took him to the doctor, along with the baby (who goes everywhere with me). The doctor, noticing a pattern, cultured the sick child as well as the baby and recommended that I bring the remaining children into the office by the end of the week to be cultured so that we can eradicate this germ once and for all.

The doctor called this morning; both cultures were positive.

Yikes! Babies don't get strep. They just don't. Unless you are a baby who has four older siblings who get great joy out of shoving cheerios into your mouth with their germ-covered fingers because they love seeing you squeal with delight when they do this.

So I scheduled the other three kids for cultures Friday afternoon and hung-up.

And then my oldest came downstairs -- I kid you not -- about 1 minute after I hung-up -- and tells me that she thinks she has strep.

Here we go again.

So I called the doctor and took all the kids in this morning to be cultured.

We'll know tomorrow morning whether we are five for five.

The pediatrician wants me and my husband to be cultured as well, in case we are asymptomatic carriers who are infecting the children. (Highly unlikely. Kids are germ factories.) I explained to him that I'm on antibiotics (one positive aspect of an abscessed tooth) so that leaves my husband as the main suspect in the case of the strep throats. He's going to cultured tomorrow.

Spring cannot come soon enough! I'm tired of winter and cold and dark and snow and rain and sickness and root canals. I keep telling myself that it will all seem better once spring is here. The light is (literally) at the end of the tunnel.

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