Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Countdown to Kindergarten

Today I registered my 4 year old for kindergarten. You cannot imagine the amount of paperwork involved in doing this. I must have printed our address at least 8 times on 5 different forms. I started on the paperwork the other night after everyone went to bed. I started at 9:40PM and worked continuously until 10:20PM. Yep. 40 minutes, no joke. I had writer's cramp by the end. The worst part about this is that registering for kindergarten (for me) is like the movie Ground Hog Day; I just keep doing it over and over.

I registered last year (for my son who is in kindergarten now). I registered the year before (because I planned to send him and then decided on PreK instead.) I registered my younger daughter when it was her turn. And I registered my oldest daughter twice (similar situation to my son/PreK.) So I have registered six times!!!

Fortunately I have a 4 year break before having to go through the registration process again!

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S. Braun said...

That's really funny.
I think our Kindergarten registration took all but ten minutes and I filled it out at school. Then again, I only did it twice, so maybe it just didn't seem as bad!