Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beiber Fever

Yesterday was a day of concerts. First the viola and then, Justin Beiber!

My friend/neighbor, Bec, called a couple weeks ago and asked if my girls wanted free tickets to see Justin Beiber. I said, "Who is Justin Beaver?" Apparently he is a teeny-bopper-singer and of course, my girls knew who he was, even though I was (and still am) clueless.

Bec works for QVC and Justin performed a studio concert last night. She snagged tickets and the girls, along with 2 of their friends (friends' mom also works at QVC) scored front row seats! The concert started at 10PM and they were on tv several times during the 30 minute segment. They had a GREAT time.

I'm thinking this is the best way to attend teeny-bopper concerts: free tickets at a venue close to home, 30 minutes long, in bed by midnight. Sign me up for more!


Katie said...

Oh My Gosh Ur SOOO lucky!!!!!

rachel said...

i know i wish u could come kate gb

Kelly said...

I M goin 2 his concert Sept 1st!!!!