Friday, February 5, 2010

No, Not Disney!

My 6 year old is BEGGING us to reschedule our trip. He does NOT want to be at Disney on his birthday. To quote him, "I'd rather be at school." Well believe me, he is going to be reminded of this statement every time he complains about school from now until he graduates from in 2022. I think I'm going to get this on video just so I can prove it to him years from now.

He'd rather be in school because he REALLY wants to celebrate his birthday with his class and is looking forward to going to the office to get his birthday pencil. I guess I'll have to talk to his teacher to see if he can celebrate either before or after our trip. I still cannot believe that this kid would rather go to school than to Disney World. I guess it's a good thing that he likes school so much.

So while my 6 year old wants us to reschedule, my 10 year old wants us to come home early. The day we arrive home is the same day that all the 5th graders in the school district get together to have a picnic at a local park. But not just any picnic; there are canoes and paddle-boats; carnival type games and tons of food. It's a chance for the kids to celebrate the end of elementary school and to get to know some people from other schools (since they'll all be going to school together the following year in middle school.) We didn't know the date of the picnic when we booked Disney or we would have worked around it. BUT since we didn't know, she's going to miss the picnic. Unlike her brother, she got over it after a couple days. I think it helped to tell her that if it rains, the picnic will be rescheduled for the following week so she'll be able to attend. She's hoping for rain; as long as it's sunny in Florida, I don't care!


S. Braun said...

man, tough crowd!!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the info on your websites. Kudos!