Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Rats, More Bats!

A couple weeks ago my next door neighbors had a bat inside their house. My husband went over to "help" them take care of it. Poor thing was on its last leg (or wing?). There is definitely something wrong with a bat when it shows up indoors in the middle of winter.

And what a winter! We've had over 70" of snow so far this winter and yet another blizzard is headed our way tonight/tomorrow. Hopefully we'll only get 10-12" this time around.

Anyway, my husband went up on our roof the other day to shovel off some snow. While he was up there, he found a bat. Alive. Outside. Stuck. To the roof. Poor guy was stuck in ice but yet still breathing. Although I feel badly for the bat, I'm glad that he was OUTSIDE and NOT flying around the inside of my house! I'm hoping that the thousands we spent on bat exclusions is working; I'm thinking the bat was trying to get into his old roost (our attic) and couldn't so maybe he settled for hanging around the outside instead?

Regardless, I logged on to the PA Game Commission website because they have a link for reporting a sick bat. They are trying to study the bat population to determine the extent of White Nosed Syndrome (if you care to learn about it, you can Google it) and are trying to identify which bat colonies may be infected. So in an effort to help my fellow mammals (bats) and in the name of science, I filled out the form and clicked on submit.

Well a couple days later we got the following message (via email) from the game commission:

Thank you for taking the time to report your bat sighting. Unfortunately, there is a large bat hibernation site near you that is experiencing a die-off due to White Nose Syndrome, and there is little we can do but wait for it to pass. WNS causes bats to fly during daylight hours as well as bat mortality across the landscape.

Game Commission biologists have conducted site investigations in your area. We have collected enough carcasses from your area for the WNS investigation. If you find carcasses in your area, please dispose of them in the following manner:

Wearing gloves, use a shovel to place the bat carcass in a plastic bag, add some household disinfectant/cleaner, place the bat into another plastic bag – and then dispose of the double-bagged carcass in the trash.

My husband was only half joking when he wondered (aloud) if the "bat hibernation site" mentioned in the email was the one in our attic.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All A-Buzz

My 4 year old is really into Buzz Lightyear at the moment. He's had this costume for ages (in fact he refused to wear it for Halloween) but for some reason he now wants to wear it every day. All day.

He's planning on taking this costume to Disney and wearing it around the parks. I keep trying to tell him that it's going to be too hot to wear it but he really wants to at least wear it "inside, where the cold-heat (air conditioning) is on". I suppose we'll have to take it to Disney so that he can decide for himself that it's too hot to be encased in a plastic costume.

I'm thinking this costume might come in handy if it rains though. It seems to be waterproof, or at the very least, water resistant.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Fisted Eater

He likes his food, that's for sure!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wild Weather

We got tons of snow on Saturday, about 2 feet! As crazy as that sounds, we are supposed to get ANOTHER foot of snow (or more!) tomorrow night. I thought you might like to see some snow pics. Unfortunately, the kids are not in the pics. I had to take the photos while the baby was napping and by that time, the kids had all dispersed to play in the snow.

Cars covered in snow across the street.

The sidewalk in front of our house.

Cars on the other side of the street. My husband was the first one to dig-out his car. If you wait too long, there is nowhere to ditch the snow and then you end up shoveling, carrying the snow 10+ paces until you can dump it into someone's yard. NOT fun.

We had a gravity-defying snowdrift on our roof. The wind was blowing so much that it pushed the snow over the edge of the roof. It really was quite spectacular to see.

Here's what the snowdrift looked like from the inside of the house. It was amazing to see all the layers of snow and to marvel at how it was hanging without sliding off.

To give it some perspective, I took a photo of the window/room so that you can see just how big this thing was.

It melted yesterday and fortunately, Emma was not standing beneath it when it fell.

Friday, February 5, 2010

No, Not Disney!

My 6 year old is BEGGING us to reschedule our trip. He does NOT want to be at Disney on his birthday. To quote him, "I'd rather be at school." Well believe me, he is going to be reminded of this statement every time he complains about school from now until he graduates from in 2022. I think I'm going to get this on video just so I can prove it to him years from now.

He'd rather be in school because he REALLY wants to celebrate his birthday with his class and is looking forward to going to the office to get his birthday pencil. I guess I'll have to talk to his teacher to see if he can celebrate either before or after our trip. I still cannot believe that this kid would rather go to school than to Disney World. I guess it's a good thing that he likes school so much.

So while my 6 year old wants us to reschedule, my 10 year old wants us to come home early. The day we arrive home is the same day that all the 5th graders in the school district get together to have a picnic at a local park. But not just any picnic; there are canoes and paddle-boats; carnival type games and tons of food. It's a chance for the kids to celebrate the end of elementary school and to get to know some people from other schools (since they'll all be going to school together the following year in middle school.) We didn't know the date of the picnic when we booked Disney or we would have worked around it. BUT since we didn't know, she's going to miss the picnic. Unlike her brother, she got over it after a couple days. I think it helped to tell her that if it rains, the picnic will be rescheduled for the following week so she'll be able to attend. She's hoping for rain; as long as it's sunny in Florida, I don't care!