Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I hate New Years and hate Resolutions even more! I hate all the looking back, looking forward, talk about who died, who did this, who did that, blah, blah, blah. Time passes, big deal.

My favorite way to celebrate New Year's Eve at midnight is in bed, asleep! I know, I am so very, very boring. I'm not gonna even say I'm tired because I have 5 kids. I've ALWAYS been like this! Even in college, when everyone was happy to party, I always felt better going to bed and pretending that it was just like any other night.

I mean, really, if you wanna change your life, just DO it! Don't wait until January 1st! If the idea hits you on July 19, then GO FOR IT and make a change.

Every year my resolution is to not make any resolutions. I do have one rule that I try to live by though, and that is to live without regret. For me, it means thinking about my life and what I'm doing or could do or should do and how that decision will look to me in 20 or 40 years. I want to look back and not regret.

I do have one big regret though. I was unable to attend my sister's wedding (in Ireland in 2003) because I was too pregnant to fly. I was disappointed when I discovered that I would be unable to attend. But on the day that everyone left for the wedding and I was stuck at home, I lost it and sobbed and sobbed for hours and just knew that this (not attending) would be something that I'd regret for the rest of my life.

And I was right; I do regret it.

As it turns out, my pregnancy went 2 weeks past its due date and I had to be induced. And when my son was born (whom my husband happened to deliver in our bedroom!) it seems as though the due date was all wrong and that he was actually born early, even though we all thought he was late. And all I could think of was that I could have gone to my sister's wedding, if only the due date had been correct. But you can't really play the would have-could have-should have-game because you will always lose.

Like I said, I'm not making resolutions.
But I am into making change when change is needed.

First change: I am taking the time daily to unsubscribe from all the annoying emails that end up in my in-box. Usually I just delete them and move on but I decided that it would be great to just unsubscribe and not even have to waste time each day deleting. (Because when my in-box gets too full it is like emotional clutter and it makes me a bit edgy and anxious. I know, I have issues.)

Secondly, we are getting back to One TV Show Per Day in this house! I'm sorry to say that we got away from our One Show Per Day policy back when I was pregnant. I would put the TV on for the boys in the afternoon and then nap (can you blame me?) so they ended up watching far too much TV. And then, once the baby was born, I didn't have the time or energy to enforce the Policy. So we slowly got away from our routine of one show per day. But now that the baby is older and I'm feeling well rested, the Policy is back in place. With a tweak. Now they get to choose one show OR 30 minutes on the computer. So far, so good. Usually they (the boys, the girls are in school all day) both choose the same show or both choose computer. I guess they haven't figured out that if one chose computer and one chose a show, that they'd actually each get to do both. But I'll wait for them to figure that out on their own!

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S. Braun said...

I love your post and couldn't agree more!