Monday, January 11, 2010

My Favorite Blogs, Part I

Since you are reading my blog, I thought you might like to know which blogs I read regularly. I've got 9 favorites so I'll give 'em to ya three at a time. I'm gonna start in alphabetical order as it would be really hard to categorize them otherwise.

I don't even know how I stumbled upon this blog. It's written by a (working) mom of two kids and I really appreciate her sense of humor. I always come away from her blog feeling happy because she makes me laugh. And I really like to laugh so her blog rates highly with me. Also, when I read her postings, I get the feeling that we might be friends if she lived just down the street.

I am a fan of the AMC show Mad Men. If you have never watched, you must start with season 1 (Netflix). Each season is only 12 or 13 episodes so you still have time to get on board because Season 4 doesn't start until August. It just might be the greatest show ever. (Which means that Seinfeld and I Love Lucy will have to move to spots 2 & 3 on my list of Best Shows Ever.) Anyway, I'm getting off track. Back to BoK. It's a website dedicated to all things Mad Men. I love the way the writers dissect the show and I love that two ordinary sisters started the blog and that BoK is waaaaaay better than the AMC blog about the show. My very favorite thing about this blog are the Random Quotes that appear on the left-hand side of the blog each time the page loads. Not only are the quotes among the most clever from the show, but it's fun (for me) to read the quote and then quiz myself as to whom it belongs. Love this blog!!!

When I first started reading blogs, all the blogs on my RSS feed were photography blogs. I'm not even sure how my photo-blog stalker habit started. I guess I've always loved pictures and although I cannot take beautiful photographs, I really enjoy looking at other people's work and appreciating the beauty in their photographs. Anyway, Kristen lives in Australia and I like her blog because she takes photos of places that I will most likely never see so it feels like a little vacation when I get to see her outdoor photos. I also enjoy her work because she takes really yummy looking infant photos and who can resist a sweet little baby all bundled up, soft and lovely and perfect? The third reason her blog rates highly with me is because she was the inspiration for my photo-a-day project on my other blog.

So there you have it, the first third of my favorite blogs. Hopefully I'll get around to posting the other faves later this week . . . .?

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