Saturday, January 2, 2010

Marshmallow Shooters

I read about guns that shoot mini marshmallows and I thought they would make good Christmas presents for the boys. But my husband said he thought he could make shooters for a fraction of the price. As it turns out, ALL the kids wanted the shooters, not just the boys. So my husband took them all (sans baby) to Home Depot and they loaded up on supplies and came home and constructed their shooters.

You load a mini marshmallow into the shooter and then blow into it to send the marshmallow shooting out.

I nearly lost an eye the first time around but once we made a rule that you have to aim below the neck, I felt confident that no one would lose an eye.

Sure there are mini marshmallows in every room of the house but at least they can be re-launched and fortunately, Emma is not interested in eating them. The kids discovered that the shooters work even better if you load them up with about 10 marshmallows and then creep up the steps and shoot them at unsuspecting family members sitting on the couch. Who knew such fun could be had for under $10?


Anonymous said...

Your hubby is just too clever!

Elberta said...

Great idea--wonderful idea especially when it's so COLD outside.