Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Favorite Blogs, Part II

Freckle PhotoBlog
This is one of my very favorite blogs! Not only do I love her photography style but I feel like I relate to her because she also has a houseful of kids (4) and she's a teacher (as I used to be). I enjoy seeing her work as much as I enjoy seeing photos of her family.

The author of this blog is also author of a book by the same title. Her message (both blog and book) is about "giving our kids the freedom we had without going nuts with worry". Good stuff.

Oh, let me count the ways I love this blog! It all started with the photographs; they are magnetic. But my love affair with this blog has grown to include the back-story that Jasmine sets-up with each posting. And then there's the ultra-hip, ultra-trendy look to her blog which is unlike any I've seen. And of course, there is Jasmine herself, the driving-force behind all of the above. You feel like you know her just by following her blog. And as far as I can tell, we'd be friends if we knew each other in person. Another one of my very favorite blogs.

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Melissa said...

:) I just saw this . . . thanks for the shout out. I'm so glad you are a "stalker" :)!!!