Friday, January 29, 2010

Dreaming of Disney

Let me start by saying that the kids have inherited my old camera and as a result, they have taken hundreds of pictures of each other and our house. 75% of the photos involve Legos. It's fun to see the world from their perspective, but frankly, I lose interest after about the 8th Lego photo.

In any case, I included the above photo in this posting because a) it contains Legos and b) I thought it was cute to see my son's hair sticking up/out.

But wait? Isn't this post about Disney?

Well yes it is.

Back story: My 6 year old loves Legos. He has been wanting a specific Lego Star Wars item that is currently out of stock so he was hoping to get it for his birthday (since he didn't get it for Christmas). As luck (or planning) would have it, he will be in Disney for his birthday. You would think this would make for one super-duper excited little boy. But instead, he told me, "Mom, it is the worstest thing you could do to take me to Disney on my birthday! Now I won't be able to get my Lego Star Wars!!!"

OK, SERIOUSLY????? Oh yes, he was serious. There is something definitely wrong with that kid.

But then I told him that there is a Lego store at Downtown Disney and after I described it (there is life-sized Lego dragon in the lagoon outside of the store), he remembered it. Well now he is delighted to be going not only to Disney, but also to the Lego store. A BIG Lego store (as the one close to us is quite small in comparison). He keeps asking me to call the store to see if they stock the item he wants. He keeps asking, "How BIG is the store? Are you SURE they will have Lego Star Wars, mom?"

Then he asked if I could show him a map of Disney (on the computer). He wanted to see where we were staying and also wanted to see the Lego store. He wanted to know if he could walk from the hotel to the store and was frustrated that he could not zoom in on the map enough to figure out his walking route.

Even though his birthday falls towards the end of our trip, I think we are going to have to visit the Lego store sooner rather than later in an effort to preserve our sanity.


rachel said...

oh my it is made with over 600,000,000,000,000.000.0000,0000, legos and more!!!!!!! Guest blooger

Christina Siegel said...

Hi Rachel,
Great to see your growing family. I can't believe it has been so long. Do you know what I remember most is the beautiful blueberry tree in your garden. I miss fruit trees in the garden (not many of them in Ireland).
Love to all the kids
Take care of yourself.
PS My 3 yo says "you are so fat mommy" all the time!

Abby said...

Hello Langans. I'm Abby, a friend of Rebecca K's (the sister of her friend Melissa). I got to your blog through the Kerpers. One of my coworkers sent me a link to a story about a man who builds large scale models out of legos. I thought your gang might enjoy it. :)

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