Monday, December 7, 2009

Tree Farm

All photos courtesy of Guest Blogger

Self portrait by Guest Blogger

We went to the tree farm yesterday to get our Christmas tree. The ground was covered in snow so there was a festive feeling of Christmas in the air. The ground was fairly muddy in spots, but that just added to the fun (and the laundry). The farm is huge with rolling hills and acres and acres of trees. The West Chester Railroad Santa Express passes by the farm so it adds to the fun to see the old fashioned train go by and hear the toot-toot of the whistle.

My 4 year old loves to help his daddy with any manly task: drills, screwdrivers, sanding, painting, plumbing, etc. The Christmas tree was no exception; he helped to cut it down.

Really, my 4 year old LOVES helping. If a toy runs out of batteries, he goes to the basement, opens my husband's tool chest, chooses the appropriate screwdriver and replaces the batteries. And THEN he returns the screwdriver to the toolbox!

He watches Spice Up My Kitchen with me because he likes when the host works on the kitchen's plumbing and electrical. In the older episodes, they show how to cut and solder pipes and run electrical. However, the more recent episodes do not show these details (because really, most people watching the show are probably women who are really just interested in the cabinets and countertops). But my son noticed and asked why they don't show the "man working" and I explained that it's just not very interesting to most people and he said, "Well it is interesting to me!"

I am envisioning him cutting down the tree solo by the time he's 12.

First Christmas tree experience!

My 6 year old is turning into a mini man -- pulling the trolley with the tree!

The (almost) finished product:

I think Guest Blogger has a knack for getting the boys to look like they are enjoying their photo session.

Self portrait in front of the tree (although you can't really tell that the tree is in the background):


Kelly said...

Great pictures guest blogger!

Katie said...

I Love Ur Pics Guest Blogger!! We set Our tree up on Sunday!Miss U Lots!!!

rachel said...

i miss you too