Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Word

Photo courtesy of Guest Blogger

I thought he'd been trying to say it. But today I am SURE he said it.

"All done."

Except that it sounded more like "A-da."

But I know he meant All Done because the word was accompanied with the hand motion/sign for All Done and he gave me a BIG smile when I repeated it back to him.

Never mind that he was All Done with his Lucky Charms. I know! I came home from the gym to discover that he was feeding himself, which is great. I thought he was feeding himself his organic spinach puffs. But upon closer inspection, I discovered that he was feeding himself Lucky Charms, given to him by my husband. When I questioned him about giving the child sugary cereal, he defended his decision by telling me that he didn't give the baby any of the charms.

Oh, ok.


Melissa said...

Congratulations to the littlest Langdon--
from Melissa (Bec's friend)

Kelly said...

All the Tibbitts girls said
"OHHH" cute!