Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas, Continued

Christmas was a blast, we had tons of friends, family, fun and food. We had 21 people here for Christmas Eve and 17 of them (including the 7 Langans) spent the night. Christmas morning was C-R-A-Z-Y with 5 kids and 2 babies but everyone had a superdy-duper fun time.

I always get the kids matching Christmas jammies. They open them on Christmas Eve before going to bed. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of the kids all together in their matching jams. This photo was taken right after the boys woke up on Christmas morning (see how tired they look?) They are sitting in front of the heater, waiting for all the grandparents to come downstairs to begin opening gifts.

My 8 year old with her baby brother. (No matching jammies for him, they didn't come in infant sizes. However, he is wearing Baby's First Christmas jammies.) He still has an orange glow to his skin from all those sweet potatoes!

All the kids are waiting for the cue to run to the tree to begin opening gifts. Notice how my son is literally holding back my nephew!

My niece, Maeve (rhymes with wave) on Christmas morning. The babies were enjoying laying on the floor, holding hands and waving at each other.

My 6 year old with one of his favorite gifts: a Star Wars Lego of some kind.

My oldest, wearing every gift of clothing that she received.

Some Christmas-love between me and my 4 year old. I'm wearing jingle bell earrings that were given to me by my 8 year old daughter.

I'm not sure when this photo was taken but I thought it was a great photo because the lights are sort of blurred behind my daughter. She took this photo of herself, by spinning around in a circle while taking the photo. (I got a new camera for Christmas -- this photo was taken with the new camera -- and I need to figure out how to use it. Once I get it figured out, I should have some great photos to post. Hopefully. I'm not sure if I have an eye for photography or not.)

My nephew, Liam, on Christmas night. He looks absolutely exhausted and I love that he has food smeared on his face as well as on his sweater.

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S. Braun said...

omg, Mark looks just like his dad!! (He is in the background of one of the pictures). Great pics!