Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And a partridge in a pear tree . . .

Or, as the song goes for us:

And a hawk on a telephone wire . . .

WARNING: icky carcass photo below. Read with caution.

Lots of excitement here on Christmas Eve morning! There was a hawk outside (who knew there would be a hawk in such an urban environment?!) who killed its prey and was sitting on a telephone pole eating its catch! This was most exciting, especially for my boys. It was like a National Geographic episode right outside in our alley!

I went out to investigate and thought it looked like Mr. Hawk was devouring a squirrel. And sure enough, he was! How do I know for sure? Because my neighbor, God bless her, was taking out her garbage and didn't know that Mr. Hawk was enjoying a meal about 10 feet overhead. She deposited her trash and turned around to go back inside and Mr. Hawk dropped the squirrel carcass and it landed just inches from my neighbor. Thankfully, the carcass landed on the ground and not on my neighbor!

The carcass, although icky, was also kind of cool. I won't go into details, for obvious reasons.

The best thing about this? I think Mr. Hawk ate the squirrel that lives in our yard and torments Emma mercilessly. The same squirrel who eats our jack-o-lanterns. The same squirrel who kept stealing my tomatoes from the vine. The same squirrel who chewed holes in our trash can lids and would scare the crap out of me when he'd pop out of the lid and leap over my head. The same squirrel who chewed holes in our trampoline cover.

A very nice Christmas present for the Langans, to be rid of pesky Mr. Squirrel.

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