Sunday, November 1, 2009


A good time was had by all. Everyone was healthy enough to participate in the festivities (a party and then trick-or-treat).

First, the party. Dorothy & the cutest cow ever.

The cow costume has been worn by each one of my children so of course I was not going to buck the trend and dress the baby in anything else. The funny thing about this costume, however, is that ALL of my other children wore this costume when they were 18 months old (+/-) !!!!! My husband was getting the baby ready and said, "This is NEVER going to fit!!! No way! It fit everyone else when they were toddlers!" I told him to just TRY it . . . and guess what?! It fits. He is a big, big boy. For a Langan, that is. Oh, and the costume used to "Moo" when you'd press the nose but the moo hasn't worked in quite a few years.

Paging Doctor Langan:

She had planned to be a farmer but changed her mind about 15 minutes before leaving for the party. She borrowed the stethoscope from Mr. Phil and a pulled a face mask out of the basement, and viola.

Dorothy, this time with Toto (instead of with a cow):

The Clone Troopers (and their super hero friends). One trooper pooped out after about 30 minutes of trick-or-treating but the other kept going until almost 8pm. Lots and lots and lots of candy in our house this morning.

Speaking of candy. A couple of my kids came home with Nerd Ropes. I had never seen them (or tasted them) before but they are my new favorite candy!!!! They are similar to a necklace. The rope part is made of something sticky, kind of like Swedish Fish (another favorite candy) and then the sticky part is rolled in Nerds. So, so, so yummy. I am on a quest to buy more.

A couple of kids got these freakishly cool eye patches while trick-or-treating. Ghoulish, don't you think?

Now that Halloween is over, official Christmas preparations have begun! (And I'm counting the days until Thanksgiving, my favorite meal of the year.)


Kelly said...

when we had Power Lab VBS at church I bought Nerd Ropes as thank you gifts for the helper kids...they were the all time favorite...your note rmeinds me to buy them agiain for Christmas Thank you gifts for the kids who help in CM.

Love the Halloween photos...thought of you at MW Smith last night- your Christmas tape...he played the "lord God Almighty reigns "song...those were such good days...

Emma said...
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suzanneu said...

They all look neat and I am glad they had so much fun!