Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Part II

An update on The Great Pumpkin. I thought for sure the gig would be up when he went into school and told his teacher that the seeds she gave him grew into pumpkins. But she didn't.


He told me the other day, "Mom. I is still waitin' on one punkin'. One of the seeds hasn't growed into a punkin' yet." 

There is no way I am going to locate that one seed and recreate the Great Pumpkin patch. I told him that sometimes seeds just don't grow. I was secretly patting myself on the back for finding all (but one) of his seedlings! It was especially difficult because it had rained a lot of leaves had started to fall so I really couldn't tell where he had planted his pumpkins. And who knows? Maybe the seeds will take root and he'll have pumpkins next year?

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